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D&OH (or DNOH pronounced dee-noh) - Short for the phrase "Duh and or Hello" made popular by Jon Benjamin's character from Archer, Sterling Archer. A sarcastic way of answering 'yes' to an obvious question.
Gay Guy1: Look Archer, in spite of your personality you get plenty of women right?

Archer: Uh, D&OH!

Gay Guy1: Well, D&OH, just act like you normally do around women...
by jdrsqrd August 17, 2011
NOL is an acronym for Nope'd Out Loud. It is derived from the phrase LOL (laughed out loud) and used in the same fashion for stating when a given situation has been declined (origin as of this post is reddit
I was gonna let her give me head, but when she had what appeared to be a cold sore so I NOL'd
by jdrsqrd November 05, 2011
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