adj: (informal) indicating a dissatisfactory condition.
Don't bother me, Scott and I went on a bender last night and I am feeling nokay.
by -g. August 08, 2003
Top Definition
Nokay: the oppisite of the word okay. see example below.
Tim: "Okay?"
Nate: "Nokay."
by Ub3rSpam August 21, 2005
"No" with a 3rd grade mastery of sarcasm.
3rd grade boy: My friend wanted me to ask you if you'll go with him.
3rd grade girl: Nokay!
by Eyris July 03, 2006
Not okay
You shouldn't have done that. It was nokay.
by IXTakaXI October 16, 2009
A single word to describe any situation which at first seems to be going wrong and bad, then corrects itself near the end, sometimes immediately before it. Nokay situations can also be caused by coincidences or pure luck.
Billy's slapshot would have missed the net entirely had it not ricocheted off his teammates helmet at the last second, scoring. "Damn, what a nokay situation, eh?" his teammate said to him after

"NOOOooo...kay.." Sandra exclaimed as her foul ball curved in bounds just before landing
by FUGGYEW April 05, 2009
Not okay
Hey bro want to go kill some hookers ? Umm Nokay bro
by Rogue Gambit May 17, 2015
No, okay!, but also part of a fun blog:
Mommy: Don't poke the dog with the chopsticks!
Ana: Nokay!
by No Kay February 09, 2010
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