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A professor at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books and movies. Notable because of his dubious allegiance to both the good and evil forces in the story. And also because, contrary to what the author's intentions probably were, some fans find him sexually attractive. The actor Alan Rickman being cast as Snape in the movies may have had a bearing on this.
person 1: Snape is so evil.
person 2: No way. There's clues that show he's good.
person 3: Well I bet Snape's good... in bed.
by Eyris July 03, 2006
A wildly popular Australian musical group that targets toddlers, fashioned after The Monkees and H.R. Pufnstuff. The characters are played by attractive middle-aged men, which also appeals to the mothers of the toddlers. Often assumed as gay by those outside their target audience (the fact that their target audience is of an age that doesn't comprehend sexual orientation makes the issue irrelevant; however four of them are married with children - yet another facet that makes them attractive to moms).
Greg and Anthony Wiggle never go out into the audience during a Wiggles concert because they might cause a stampede of horny moms.

Although their songs have names such as "Rock-A-Bye Your Bear," and "Can You Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist," The Wiggles have produced some of the best contemporary pop music.
by Eyris September 22, 2006
"No" with a 3rd grade mastery of sarcasm.
3rd grade boy: My friend wanted me to ask you if you'll go with him.
3rd grade girl: Nokay!
by Eyris July 03, 2006
Screenplay equivalent to fanfic, fanfiction. Any screenplay adaptation created by an amateur. Fanscripts are often created when a film adaptation of a beloved book/play/story is poorly received by fans, and a fanfic writer wants to show an alternate and (in their opinion) superior film version of the material. Presenting it in script form is the closest thing to shooting an actual film.
The film adaptations of Harry Potter and Weber's The Phantom of the Opera have "inspired" a few fanscripts.
by Eyris October 16, 2006
A noticeably dated or worn model or issue of any object, tool or device that is still heavily used by the owner. A nickname with either affectionate or disgusted overtones for such a device.

Originates from combining the word automobile and the idea that antique machinery often had to be hand-cranked to operate.
Someone smashed my cell phone against a wall, so now I'm back to using the ol' crankmobile.
by Eyris August 25, 2006

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