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Nofs is simply short for: "no fucking shit". Sometimes people fake a call frome a person called: "The Nofser" and hand over either their hand or any other object they are using as a fake phone, to a person making a fairly obvious statement.
person-1: I think your mother loves you.
person-2: Nofs.
person-1: I think your mother loves you.
person-2: Hold on for a second, I have to get this, yes *person-1* is here, it's for you.
person-1: Who is it?
person-2: It's the Nofser.
by 7991ledom August 28, 2012
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Group of modern pirates(not the water pirates silly) that release music to be downloaded from file sharing websites. nofs stands for no file sharing and they do it to be comical.
by generalf0ley February 06, 2011
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Flo-Rida-Mail.On.Sunday-(2008)-NoFS Torrent Download

Typically used when downloading torrents.
by Wyatt P August 23, 2010
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Not Office Friendly

Pics / weblinks that are posted on message boards of an inappropriate-for-the-office nature. Usually refers to porn.
by coquetteski August 10, 2005
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Not Office Friendly.

Used to describe material which is not usually acceptable material to be accesssed from your work PC. The sort of think you wouldn't want your boss to see
"Here is an email of that porn we were talking about - watch out though *NOF*"
by Camperoo August 30, 2005
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Non-Operating Fuck. Used in the United States Marine Corps by Motor T drivers to describe non-motor t Marines or boots attempting to drive vehicles they have no business driving.
Infantry Marine: "Hey I got the humvee stuck in a ditch again. I don't know what happened it just went off the road."
Motor T Marine: "You fucking NOF."
by KissMyAsthma99 July 23, 2015
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No F - short for No females , a term used in a sarcastic manor in response to a group of guys surrounded by guys.

The other use of it however is too torment annoying people ( pitta breads as also seen on urban dictionary )
Aaron - '' the cab companys legit I swear !!!!! ''

All - '' no F ''
by Tisia December 10, 2010
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