While "lo-fi" means music recordings that are recorded raw and dirty (like in someone's basement), "no-fi" refers to recordings that are even dirtier and rawer (usually recorded in places like someone's bedroom with extra noise). Even those who like some "lo-fi" stuff will sometimes run from "no-fi" recordings, especially the extremely noisy, (often deliberately) shitty-sounding ones perpetrated by black metal, shitcore, and noise rock bands.
Lo-fi: Peaches
No-fi: early Gravy Train!!!!
Lo-fi: early Venom
No-fi: some early Darkthrone
Lo-fi: some Cutting Pink With Knives
No-fi: I Killed Techno!
by CinemateryKyle March 10, 2009
Top Definition
no flame intended


no offense intended
guy1: i need some help now!

guy2: hey hey, can't you ask me nicely?

guy1: i'm sorry, nofi
by chris June 14, 2006
Short for "No F*cking Idea".
Me: "Do you know where my pants are?"
She: "Nofi."
by XBL June 22, 2005
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