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Definition: to avidly support a right wing group to the point of obsession and blind belief in there every action. You will even follow the most dolt of there beliefs.
George W. Bush is such a nodbugger
by Mark G. H. July 19, 2004
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(noun) - An individual who judges two opinions, statistics, arguments, or items of evidence of equal standing as being of different worth, because one supports his/her beliefs while the other is contrary to them.
The report contained many points, both pro and con, but Bob was such a nodbugger that he completely ignored the points he didn't like.
by James J. Dominguez July 25, 2004

1. One who is afraid of evidence and who is directly and unequivocally opposed to any presented in a given argument.

2. Hates Pants.
Looks like cowmisfit pulled a nodbugger.
by OFSR HACLINS March 08, 2005
Someone that is a decendant of the town buggerist that had a particular fancy for prepubescent boys that wore school uniforms like that of the TV character Noddy.
Look at the old geezer perving on those boys. He's a right nodbugger.
by evil Luke July 21, 2004

One who has disdain toward arguments contrary to his own; sometimes even when they support one's own position.
Solve x^2+7x+10

x = 5
x = 2

<Nodbugger> IT IS ONLY 2. 5 IS NOT AN ANSWER YOU *insert ad hominem*.
by lolipop March 10, 2005
internet troll.One who misunderstands simple concepts.Confuser of issues.Deliberately obtuse.
used in internet news boards
I've been nodbuggered
You are going nodbugger here.
No need to resort to nodbugger
by guy February 13, 2005

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