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One who has disdain toward arguments contrary to his own; sometimes even when they support one's own position.
Solve x^2+7x+10

x = 5
x = 2

<Nodbugger> IT IS ONLY 2. 5 IS NOT AN ANSWER YOU *insert ad hominem*.
by lolipop March 10, 2005
1. the gayest anything could be

2. the most gay in the world
1. A Geogre Michael Elton John and Dave Furnish sandwich

2. You're 'gay as fuck'
by lolipop June 17, 2006
porno term for beach fuckin (fukin on tha beach)
"theres a little bit of sand 'n' salt in there but its still alright"
by lolipop June 18, 2006
see shit fucker for example
slang for shit fucker

you is one bad ass shit fucka

one who fucks shit either male or female

you mutha fucken shit fucka
by lolipop June 18, 2006
A member of the male sex who likes to eat 8 inch cocks and likes dirty sanchez's and tea bags daily.
Stop being so fucking xsorus.
by lolipop March 10, 2005
the layer of fat found on the bigger women that hangs over the pussy area

sometimes patterned with purple stretch marks and may hide fungus in the creases
i shagged a right pig last night so bad i had to hunt for her pussy under her twat fat

look at the twat fat on that
by lolipop June 17, 2006
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