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Deyan Blinky Stojanovski a.k.a Blinky Bill is a nob shining badhead cockluving kid.
Deyan:I was havin a dream about suckin Jlo's tits n it turned int a dik, but i kept suckin neway.
by bstylz September 03, 2003
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head shine sum ones nob or suck ther nob
fuck deyan stop shining william panagopoulos'z nob
:but i cant help it
by blind October 03, 2003
5 7
wax for shining nob
bernie: "yo deyan u got nob shine?"
Deyan: "no i uised the whole 5 litre packet in one go!!!"
by lol August 30, 2003
0 5
4. shine ones nob is knowen as nob shinner
2.trents mum is sometimes refered as nobshiner so whenever the word is said in not a sentence it is refered to as trents mum
1.trents mumis a nobshinner for a living do you shine the nob, nobshinner
3.nobshine bernies mum kock
by annomymus(a.h) September 05, 2003
1 7
ur an idiot bernie, go and nob shine sumones dik
bernie give nobshines to conrad
by incogneeto September 03, 2003
0 6
Conrad Smith a.k.a Constantino-rad)
Conrad iz a fukin nobshine wit curry pubes. He wantz 2 shine nobz 4 a livin and luvz da cock.
by bstylz August 31, 2003
1 7
Fukin Dumb Bitch Slapped Kunt Dat Finkz Hez Hard, Iz Bald and Choded and Gay=Mr.Mifsud is all that, fukin nobshine.
Bernie : Sir do u hav sum supa glue or sum shit?

Mifsud :Wat?

Wat a fukin idiot, i wanna kill him.
by bstylz August 31, 2003
2 8