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Deyan Blinky Stojanovski a.k.a Blinky Bill is a nob shining badhead cockluving kid.
Deyan:I was havin a dream about suckin Jlo's tits n it turned int a dik, but i kept suckin neway.
by bstylz September 03, 2003
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head shine sum ones nob or suck ther nob
fuck deyan stop shining william panagopoulos'z nob
:but i cant help it
by blind October 03, 2003
wax for shining nob
bernie: "yo deyan u got nob shine?"
Deyan: "no i uised the whole 5 litre packet in one go!!!"
by lol August 30, 2003 shine ones nob is knowen as nob shinner
2.trents mum is sometimes refered as nobshiner so whenever the word is said in not a sentence it is refered to as trents mum
1.trents mumis a nobshinner for a living do you shine the nob, nobshinner
3.nobshine bernies mum kock
by annomymus(a.h) September 05, 2003
ur an idiot bernie, go and nob shine sumones dik
bernie give nobshines to conrad
by incogneeto September 03, 2003
Conrad Smith a.k.a Constantino-rad)
Conrad iz a fukin nobshine wit curry pubes. He wantz 2 shine nobz 4 a livin and luvz da cock.
by bstylz August 31, 2003
Fukin Dumb Bitch Slapped Kunt Dat Finkz Hez Hard, Iz Bald and Choded and Gay=Mr.Mifsud is all that, fukin nobshine.
Bernie : Sir do u hav sum supa glue or sum shit?

Mifsud :Wat?

Wat a fukin idiot, i wanna kill him.
by bstylz August 31, 2003

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