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(verb) while snowboarding, getting stuck on a particularly flat part of a run because you don't have enough speed or wipe out, thus eliminating any forwards motion. Because snowboarding requires some sort of downwards slope to keep moving, you will most probably be forced to un-bind. It is very annoying, and happens commonly to beginner snowboarders that are not yet practiced enough to take steeper runs, and so are forced to take runs that are meant to be 'easy', but in their flatness are really only easy for skiers.
Dude, don't take that run I just did. It's so flat, all you'll do is no-board.

Awh, shit. That was a epic fail. I'm stuck no-boarding. I have to either un-bind or jump until it slopes again...
by Anonosity April 24, 2011
1. Any form of boardless sport.
2. The action, state of mind, or ethereal realm achieved via boardless sport and the community thereof
I. Babbydick: "what is Tom doing?"

Member of the Nold Collective: "He's noboarding, Adar."
II. "He was with Lucas, so he was probably noboarding. That Lucas tries hard to traverse the void to PDPSPP* existence as a noboarder."

*PDPSPP = pan-dimensional, pan-sexual, pan-palatable
by tmexcandy March 23, 2013
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