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3 definitions by Anonosity

(n) The negative absence of milk. May make you want to throw a refrigerator or other usually unliftable object at someone.
Spending too much time around an Izaya will make you want to drink milk.

After being around that Izaya, I flipped a table.
by Anonosity February 18, 2011
(verb) (1) When snowboarding, to undo one's bindings (also un-strap)
(2) After crossplaying, to take off the tape or ace bandages (see binding) that is holding down your boobs. Painful at first (especially with tape) but very much worth it later.
(1) "Man, I was snowboarding for so long, when I un-bound, it felt so weird to move my legs individually!"

(2) "Oh god, anime conventions really tire me out. Time to go home and un-bind."
by Anonosity April 24, 2011
(verb) while snowboarding, getting stuck on a particularly flat part of a run because you don't have enough speed or wipe out, thus eliminating any forwards motion. Because snowboarding requires some sort of downwards slope to keep moving, you will most probably be forced to un-bind. It is very annoying, and happens commonly to beginner snowboarders that are not yet practiced enough to take steeper runs, and so are forced to take runs that are meant to be 'easy', but in their flatness are really only easy for skiers.
Dude, don't take that run I just did. It's so flat, all you'll do is no-board.

Awh, shit. That was a epic fail. I'm stuck no-boarding. I have to either un-bind or jump until it slopes again...
by Anonosity April 24, 2011