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Generally speaking, the act of killing someone in a first person shooter game with a one shot gun (sniper rifle, bolt action rifle, etc) without using a telescopic sight or sniper scope. Most commonly, the term is used to mean that you fired such a gun from the hip and killed someone with it, however it can also (debatably) mean that you pulled up iron sights on a sniper rifle / bolt action rifle and then killed someone that way. The term does not apply to shotguns, semi-automatic rifles (unless they can be scoped), or any automatic weapon.

No scoping is generally viewed as an act of skill (or luck, depending on who you talk to and the mechanics of the game you're playing). This is because you are killing someone with one shot through a (usually) large crosshair and also risk exposing yourself if you miss. However, the amount of prestige that is attached to a single no scope depends on the distance and rate of success; i.e. if you no scope once and do this by killing a guy who you are literally next to, that doesn't take much skill, but if you continually no scope guys who are halfway across the map, that's some seriously good shit on your behalf. On a related note, no scope headshots get you some serious prestige if you can pull them off constantly.
Example (in COD5):

Player 1: Damn, I just no scoped some guy on
by LPB-2009 March 28, 2009
The act of not scoping to kill an opponent.
Commonly used in Halo with a sniper but not limited to.

No scoping is NOT applicable to weapons where scoping is not required. ex. ak47, m4a1, battle rifle, SMG, etc.
Blue guy 1: No scope headshot!
Blue guy 2: Nice!
Dead guy: I just got owned..
by JcThPS January 09, 2007
When the male achieves penetration without the assistance of his or his partners hands.
boy: "OMG I just no-scoped your vag LOL!!"
girl: "WTF hax..."
by Nemex December 28, 2007
A term used in first person shooter gaming; to kill a player with a rifle-type weapon without using the scope.
I swear that guy no-scoped me by accident.
by Character Cool September 04, 2005
A noscope is pretty self explanatory. It's killing someone without scoping in with a sniper. Noscopes are often tried in the CoD series, especially on MW2 for a game winning killcam. If you get a noscope across map, you're pro. If people think you have an aimbot because the noscope was so awesome, you're offically a legend.
ChronicsnipeZz: Woaaah watch this game winning killcam everyone!

Everyone: OOOOH noscope!!!!!!!
by z0mgitsAli June 08, 2010
While playing a shooting game you kill an enemy without scoping.
While playing Halo 3 i noscoped that noob.
by AJ Bennett March 09, 2008
verb or noun: A Halo and Halo 2 term used on Xbox Live. A true no-scope is a headshot with the sniper rifle without using any zoom at all. A common form of pwnage. No-scopes are often in Halo montages. Rarely a player can get a "double" no-scope: two no-scopes one after the other resulting in a double kill.
No-scope followed by teabag:
"NO-SCOPE!!! That's right, son, I don't even have to aim and I pwn you. OooooH Yeeaah! How do my balls taste?"
by KillerOrange April 30, 2006
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