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the combination of a plasma pistol, followed by a secondary BR. God damn it you people suck.
Gamer1(blue team), "dude, i just died and all i saw was a green splodge on my screen!"
Gamer2(red team), "ha, you just got pwned"
Gamer3(blue team), "that's weak man, you are using a noob combo you noob/noob whore!"
by me34 June 05, 2007
when something sucks to a certain extent.
Jim says, "Dude, she just kicked him in the balls!"
Tim says, "Dude, that was savage"
Tim says, "You're fired"
Bob says, "You savage bastard"!
by me34 June 05, 2007
The starter course at a restraunt that tastes like the smell of shit.
1. God damn it i didn't ask for any of your meecron you dick!
by me34 June 05, 2007
to shoot and kill an opponent in halo 2 with the sniper rifle without scoping, (usually close distance and lucky or skillful gh the xbox live headsetbut you can never tell unless you hear "omg, NO SCOPE" blasting through the xbox live headset).
gamer1, "no scope"
gamer2, "nice"
gamer3(opposite team) "teabag me and die you jammy noob"
by me34 June 05, 2007
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