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The NME. Honestly, i am quite interested in this magazine, but this is entirely down to the fact that i am interested in certain bands, often covered in the magazine. In my opinion, NME 'journalists' are not really journalists at all. They're pretty much you're average music fan that thinks that they're a journalist. With that you get irritating opinions, poorly written biased reviews, and a tendency to suck up to anything that could quite possibly be considered "NEW, EXCITING, OUT THERE, EDGY, COOL, VERY COOL, MAKE US COOL", even though these kind of bands often tend to turn out to be, well, Franz Ferdinand. The NME often symbolises much of what i dislike about the human race.
NME: "this is the best band ever, you should like them, because we do, and we are god, you know that, yes we are god, and you are just a little piece of shit. did i mention that i was journalist?"

by OUT THERE FO SHIZZ April 08, 2008
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A corporate-shitheap/music-magazine that has redefined the indie genre to mean "Commercial shite."

Full of bad journalists, drugs, and indie kids.

NME doesn't allow you to have an opinion. So don't try. NME is always right- according to their "editors" a band is amazing, or utter shite.

a) I buy NME every week! I'm a mindless indie kid!
b) NME reckons The Twang are the next Oasis. ER WTFS?
c) Thou shalt not read the NME. (Dan le Sac)
by Gerwyn May 24, 2007
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A really biased, possibly the most biased british magazine ever. It has poor writers, and if one person in the whole company doesnt like a band, they will constantly talk shit about that band
According to, 21st century breakdown is "prawling, obvious, über-commercial, stoopid punk-pop album that might just stop five million American idiots from voting for a war-mongering Republican baby-slaughterer when they grow up."

What a bunch of cowshit.
by bobbyfishface February 22, 2010
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A british weekly magazine that has been going for 50 + years. It used to be good but it has turned into a magazine for pop fans who realise they are too old for Smash Hits when they start university and feel the need to listen to 'cool' music. It is shit. Too image obsessed and is always trying to create 'scenes'. Slowly the quality of journalism has deteriated from once being good to now giving away free glossy posters and only have one page a album reviews. Some say it is the fault of the current editor. (Conner McNicholls or something like that)
now i go to university i need to listen to cool music so i will buy the nme.
by huh March 21, 2004
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Not me either, like. Not me, like you.
by EarlSae February 27, 2012
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Poorly written, sensationalised UK music weekly. Likes white music. No longer the 'bible' it once was, concentrates on and indie scene that is slow diluting itself into the mainstream.
'When is the NME going to have a black man on the cover?'
by btn November 01, 2005
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NME is the indie bible. Consistently brilliant journalism and the best source for discovering new music.
by Findrie August 07, 2005
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