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A corporate-shitheap/music-magazine that has redefined the indie genre to mean "Commercial shite."

Full of bad journalists, drugs, and indie kids.

NME doesn't allow you to have an opinion. So don't try. NME is always right- according to their "editors" a band is amazing, or utter shite.

a) I buy NME every week! I'm a mindless indie kid!
b) NME reckons The Twang are the next Oasis. ER WTFS?
c) Thou shalt not read the NME. (Dan le Sac)
by Gerwyn May 24, 2007
A self-harmer.

Also can refer to an emo girl who is commonly found sleeping with her best friend. Who happens to be homosexual.
Person A: Oh my god, look at Slashy McSlash-Slash, her arms are bleeding again.
Person B: God, she's so emo.
by Gerwyn May 23, 2007
This website, douchebag.

Also a general slang-dictionary that now covers every vulgar word not in the English Dictionary.

Pretty cool.
What's this? I cannot understand this yuppie slang! To the Urban Dictionary, where I can feast my eyes with filth!
by Gerwyn May 23, 2007

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