Nizzle also known as nigger negro or nigga. Can also be said neezy.
Foh sheezy mah neezy meet me at da hood witmah nizzle snoop dawggy dizzle u fill me?
by i_love_ddr May 02, 2004
a random attack of affection from a close friend, generally scrubbling around in the horizontal position.. climbing on eachother and rolling around in merriment
Dear Diary,
Last night at Brendon's party, Alice and I had a great Nizzle in the dirt
Nizzle with me!
by Taco January 30, 2004
Freeze Pops
I enjoy eating nizzles.
by FoShizzleMyNizzle~ August 09, 2011
When a person recieves head from his gf even though she's in a horrible mood and doesnt wanna do it but still is willing and then he purposely ejaculates on her face (most cases eyes) to make her more mad.
Dude! I did the nizzle with my gf last night and she broke up with me!
by 209teccatown July 08, 2011
A farting old man who nibbles McNuggets on his ace hardware lunch breaks.
Hey. Nizzle, can you go get me a McFlurry in a few!
by scrawlberries January 03, 2009
1) a snoop dogg way of saying nice!
2) ... and nigga
1) that wasn't just cool that was nizzle
2) my nizzle
by bimmer boy August 11, 2008
n. an African American; usually a male, but can refer to females
For shizzle my nizzle!
This is for my nizzles!
by Deev December 19, 2005

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