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Large shiny rims. Usually 23" to be exact. Hence the name "Michael Jordan" whose number was 23.
Jackson's ride is now pimped outbecause he has michael jordans.
by Perry April 07, 2004
A word spelt incorrectly, where there is a 'h' there should be a 'g'.
You spelt spelling wrong you are a dumass (Also see dumass)
by Perry June 08, 2004
a cheap excuse for urban dictionary to get more props.
dan: hey i tried making that urbandotcom thing work
john: i lol@urbandotcom!!1
by perry November 11, 2004
Nizzle means Nigger, Shizzle means Shit or could also mean sure, Hizzo Mean House, its simple snoop dogg lang. you just subsitute some ZZ's into any word. its simple kinda like pig latin but i guess we can call it Snizzle Speak (Snoop Speak)
Fo Shizzle My Nizzle Meet Me At My Hizzo (For sure my nigger meet me at home)
by Perry March 17, 2004
a person who is liken unto a goblin; in that they are an annoying stupid and smelly creature, and that they enjoy the behinds of the same sex. see also: assgoblin, both only used when referring to the assgoblin in question.

invented by iains seven year old brother when we were in middle school.
i.e shutup you assgoblin
by perry May 02, 2004
A word used at the verge of an orgasim.
uh, uh, ride my big cock, i AM THE GOD OF SEX.............Fooof!
by Perry June 08, 2004
Used in combination with 'are crunchy' to emphasis the effects of drugs.
whoa man chips are crunchy
by Perry May 27, 2004
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