Snoop really ripped Frankie Smith
Bip, bomp, bam alakazam
But only when you're grooving
With the Double Dutch Man
Put on your skates don't forget your rope
Cause I know I'm gonna see you
At my Double Dutch Show
Rebecca, Lolita, Veshawn and Dawn
Everytime you do the Double Dutch you really turn it on '
Bilzarbra, Mitzery, Milzetty, Kilsan
Titzommy, Kitzerrance, Kilzommy that's my man
Come on get on my Double Dutch Bus
(The Double Dutch Bus)
by Scottie July 28, 2003
homie/ home boy
what's the dizzle my nizzle.
by Tomas johnson April 02, 2003
History-derived from Snoop Doggy Dizzle
1.a substitution for the sylables at the ends of various words.(commonly used to get a laugh out of your drunk friends while shooting pool at one's girlfriend's house.

Ex.1-(Without "izzle") "Rack up the balls and lets shoot some pool."
(With "izzle") "Rizzle up the bizzles and lizzle sizzle some pizzle.
Ex.2-(Without "izzle") "I really need to take a piss very badly."
(With "izzle") "I rizzle nizzle to tizzle a pizzle vizzle bizzle.
by munk December 09, 2002
Condition characterized by swollen nipples caused my severe friction with one's shirt and lactation.
Fo shizzle my nizzle, Lukes nizzles! SSS SSS SSS
by BNKTOP January 23, 2012
Nizzle means Nigger, Shizzle means Shit or could also mean sure, Hizzo Mean House, its simple snoop dogg lang. you just subsitute some ZZ's into any word. its simple kinda like pig latin but i guess we can call it Snizzle Speak (Snoop Speak)
Fo Shizzle My Nizzle Meet Me At My Hizzo (For sure my nigger meet me at home)
by Perry March 17, 2004
A word creatd by the great mind of Snoop doggy dog defining his fellow african americans
"Foshizzle mah Nizzle"
by Matt Conti December 16, 2003
a member of your "posse"; a friend of yours; your nigger
fo' shizzle, ma' nizzle

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