Friend or acquaintance
What the dizzle my nizzle?
by Barry Price February 21, 2003
1. A term representing nigga.
2. A term representing a dick.
3. A bastardization of a bastardization of a racist term.
1. Fo shizzle my nizzle.
2. Shizzle my nizzle, biotch.
3. Those damn racist white folks used to call us "nizzles".
by asscock March 02, 2005
It means Nigga, it is a part of the izzle dialect, in which you take the first letter and add izzle, in which most are like this.

Is he a nizzle.
That Nikhil kid, he is so not a nizzle.
Yer fashizzle.
#fizzle #wizzle #fashizzle #nigga #izzle
by Bally June 24, 2006
a friend
what's up nizzle
by Jamigre April 13, 2003
another way to say the word nigga
the "izzle" lauguage originated in Oakland used by rappers such as too short but made popular by snoop dogg the most popular use being "fo shizzle my nizzle"
by hiphophistory August 30, 2005
a slang word for a black gansta
to all my nizzles
by Anonymous May 09, 2003
When a person recieves head from his gf even though she's in a horrible mood and doesnt wanna do it but still is willing and then he purposely ejaculates on her face (most cases eyes) to make her more mad.
Dude! I did the nizzle with my gf last night and she broke up with me!
#sex #suck #nizle #swallow #ejaculate
by 209teccatown July 08, 2011
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