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(adj) extremely handsome, drop dead gorgeous, undoubtedly sexy...usually used to describe a person who displays insanely beautiful qualities of both looks and persona...
Jill is nilesh, like the most nilesh anyone can ever be. Jack will never be as nilesh as Jill; ergo, Jill will reign superior in her outstanding nilesh-like qualities as Jack laments over his ugliness and kills himself.
by Nilesh Parikh December 25, 2005
A yummy treat that people all over San Francisco long to eat.
Man, I've had so many beers; I really want to taste the Nilesh
by bcell February 17, 2005
An alien, snob wannabe...a.k.a. LOSER. An inconsiderate loser who has nothing better to do then brag and boast about a piece of crap gameboy advance..that isnt even SP. Also commonly refered to as...Tha Thanksgiving Basher.
"this is a very rare device",said Jason
"stop being such a damn Nilesh jay" says john
by Johnson January 27, 2004
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