A combination of the word tit, nipple, clit, and nut. Can be used interchangeably whenever either of the words apply.
I'm freezing my nits off out here.
by Thenitmaster November 22, 2009
idiot; short for nitwit
Get lost nit! You don't even know what you're talking about.
by Elec October 21, 2004
A racial slur, used to derogatorily describe Homo-Sexuals
I hope that Nit gets aids; All Nits should burn in hell.
by Johnathan889 October 31, 2010
a small niple looking pimple on a male genital (nipple/tit)
Jerrys so sick,i saw his dick and it has a NIT on it.

nicholas n samuel
by sam December 23, 2004
A louse, singular of lice, ie the term "nit picker": Someone so precise about others' faults they would sit for hours and pick all the lice off another person.
She picked lice off him down to the very last "nit".
by teetiger September 01, 2008
skin between a males' reproductive organ and sphincter
Dude, eat my nit! It tastes like sweaty poop!
by Evil Jedi July 19, 2006
New in town
She's a NIT
by nitofthehunter March 13, 2009

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