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south, used to agree with someone instead of i know
if some one says that movie was off tha hook and the other person says n'it
by JIF March 25, 2005
An acronym that stands for "Not In That Sense". Mostly used to disambiguate a word or a sentence containing a sexual innuendo or a double meaning. Usage of the word eliminates the risk of reproach and possible bashing by a speaker's homophobic friends.
I can't stand that damn cock waking me up every morning, NITS!

In ancient times people used to ride asses, NITS.
by Liran M June 18, 2007
Acronym for Neds In Traning
These are small,young and irritating semi-chavs which you can just tell will be chavs in a few years time.
"My Brother is such a N.I.T. And he's only 5!"

"Look at those N.I.T.s there"

"God you stupid N.I.T. Get lost"
by Just a passer through September 27, 2007
Nigga in Training. It's a young buck that being taught by a ole' G how to hustla.
me and my crew keep our N.I.Ts on the streetz to do all the work for us.
by ~*Ny'Tia*~ August 18, 2005
English slang for isn't it, also known as innit. More widely used in the south-East and London area.
eg - "This work is rubbish"
"Yeah, n'it"
by LoopOil February 10, 2006
Kevin and Donald.
Kevin and Donald are nits.
by bogarun May 03, 2011
A polite word to exclaim suprise or disappoint. i.e. to be used instead of 'shit' or 'fuck'.
"Oh, nits. My house with all my family inside has just burnt down."
by Wreckajoint December 02, 2004