A shortened version of the phrase "nose tits". Used to describe a girl with breasts so small they stick out farther than her nose.
Dood 1: Dude I think that Grace chick is pretty bangin'.
Dood 2: I dunno man she's got some nits.
Dood 1: Oh snap bro, you're right. They're pretty small.
by g-deezle April 26, 2009
nits are tiny little things that go deep deep inside !!!!!!!of you
holy shit u ave a nits . A know a can fell them inside of me. but they really dont go inside
well just lick them off slowly
hmm thats it>> ^^^^^
by chrissy da ginge May 27, 2006
zits on your nuts
Today I stayed home and picked at my nits like a caged monkey.
by ringworm13 March 14, 2008
A popular family pet for dirty, horrid, poor people.
Oh my god! Kill him! He dropped nits in my fruit corner!
by dennybairn June 30, 2005
turning Nothing InTo Something
''nigga i was hustlin the other day, ya know just runnin'' them nits''
by sk8broski June 21, 2009
complete nastiness
he has nits...or in a severe case...he is nits...or he is a nits eater, meaning he likes to eat out girls with nits
by kaitlyn December 20, 2003
used instead of 'nuts'
welsh slang :)
your fucking nits butt!
by Domz November 23, 2003
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