someone who is lazy, likes to drink beer, likes to sit on the couch with at least one hand in pants (preferably two), attends class no more than 3 hours a week, watches porn at least 2 hours a day, and knows the definition of "shit list"
ArtieB is a nit. Raffi is a nit. Naveen is a nit. Dan is a Nit. Vish is a nit. Ha$h is a nit.
by ArtieB October 28, 2003
"Not In the Tournament" refers to the loser's tournament during March Madness for the teams that didn't qualify for the NCAA March Madness Tournament...NIT actually stands for National Invitation Tournament
The Florida Gators played Ohio State in the NCAA tournament in March 2007, in March 2008 the Gators are playing in the NIT tournament..
by March 31, 2008
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