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Nirvana is the greatest fucking band of all time ! You CANNOT compare them to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, or Metallica. If you do, you clearly are RETARDED. It is a completely different kind of music, grunge. It mostly expresses teen angst. Kurt Cobain (R.I.P) supposedly commited suicide, sadly, but I personally believe he was murdered by his fucking wife (Courtney Love). Just read the last for lines of his suicide note ! WTF !?!? The handwriting changes and so doesn't the mood of the letter !!

Although Nirvana's message was that they didn't want to be used just to make money. If you've barely heard any songs by them, get your ass to the store and buy the album simply titled Nirvana. It'll give you a taste of their music and if you like it, go and buy their fucking awesome albums.
person 1: "I hate Kurt Cobain!"

me: "Fuck you, you probably don't even know what happened to him. Go rot in hell. You probably listen to fucking gay Paul Wall and that gay rap shit*. Nirvana rocks !! "

*Not all rap is shit.
by B!TCH September 10, 2006
A continuing orgasm connected to God.
Have you ever heard of Nirvana?

Have you ever had a Nirvana?
by AEL July 11, 2005
One of the Best Bands of all time. They delayed the domination of rap and pop for a few years and allowed rock to regain it's title.
'If you are either a racist, sexist, or in any other way an asshole, don't buy our albums. I don't want your money. Don't love me because I hate you."
~Kurt Cobain.
by Nintendoid February 02, 2005
A wonderful band comprised of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl. Had a large number of hits and great album sales until 1994, when Kurt commited suicide (or was murdered, as is some people's opinion that I do not share).
Contrary to popular belief, Nirvana was not the first grunge band. The band that created grunge was Mudhoney, like 'em or not.
by It Girl Rag Doll December 18, 2004
Band that brought rock back in the early 90's. First off people dont like Kurt Kobain because he is dead. He didnt like his popularity and hated his song "smells like teen spirit for the popularity it brought him" He didnt trick anyone to like him. In fact his most known album "Nevermind" was almost named "sheep" to make fun of people who ran to the stores to buy what the world told them was good. No you cant make better riffs and lyrics dude or you would be a famous dead guy. Sure the bland split of years ago but Jimmi hendrix and alice in chains are broke up to due to the death of there lead singers but this will not change the imprint they left on the music world.
Forver in debt to your priceless advice-Heartshaped box
by Ben October 14, 2003
great band they had simplicity in their music and didnt need and computerized crap like linkin park and limp bizkit. Nirvana and other seatlle grunge bands gave us a few years of good music and then it gradually turned to mainstream stuff which is all about looks and who appears the most "ghetto"
A great band
by mark September 07, 2003
A great grunge band, who, like it's name, is musical nirvana when listened to right. Featuring Kurt Cobain's raw emotional vocals, simple yet intricate guitar playing, Krist Noveselick's rumbling bass, and Dave Grohl's skin pounding drums, they created a template that was often imitated, but never duplicated.

However, Nirvana's music is often used very wrong. Long established as an essential and easy band for angsty whiny teenagers, Nirvana's music, however, can be bliss. Kurt Cobain didn't want his audience to wallow in their own sorrow. He wanted to use his music as a catharic experience, the type of experience that let's you defeat your own problems through music. Unlike angsty bands like LInkin Park and Slipknot, Cobain wanted to use his music the right way: an experience that makes you come out strong and wanting to confront life.

Do yourself a favor, use Cobain's music right and, just maybe, you will find your day looking much brighter and better.
Listen to Nirvana to reach Nirvana. Full fill Cobain's wish.
by Spielberg_Rocks November 09, 2010