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A totally awesome friend who always is there for you no matter what. Have an unexpected talent range from music to video games(such as guitar hero and ddr)! Love being surrounded by friends and can make any day fun and exciting! Good at listening and being a nice boyfriend.
"Who's that?"

"That's Sang"

"Omg he's the one that everyone says is so cool. Introduce me to him!"
by lycheeeee May 11, 2010
A Vietnamese name for a girl and a boy. Mostly meaning "morning" and "noble." Usually, the person named Sang can grow up having a rough time, but manage to be nice and hard-working. One of the most common names in Vietnam.
"Did you hear that woman got 3 promotions in a month? She works every morning!"

"What do you expect? She's a Sang."
by AwesomeTooGreat000 March 30, 2013
To be able to sing exceptionally well.
Uh,Uh girl, Kelly can sing , but Mariah she can SANG!
by joemiltondaughter November 03, 2015
(n.) a more swagged out way of saying the word sandwich.
"yo bitch get in da kitchen and make me a sang." - Nick
by mobluntz March 22, 2012
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