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Very talented and fast person.
Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Yngwie Malmsteen are on different levels, but its not about speed. Its ABOUT THE FRIGGIN SOUND!!!!!
Great Guitar PLayers of the 90s
by SexManiacOnARoll August 31, 2004
"the MAN"
He is one of the greatest guitar players in the world, with his god like effects. He Loved jimi hendrix's music, which inspired him to play "little wing" as a tribute to the late jimi hendrix.
One of Srv's most noticeable things is his guitar "which plates his name "srv" on the pick guard.
Sadly, srv died on a helicopter crash that claimed the lives of 4 people
by SexManiacOnARoll August 31, 2004
The man at playing guitar.
His effects are god like, and hes very talented.
stevie also listened to jimi hendrix, which inspired him to play "little wing" as a tribute to him.
His guitar looks great. Its honorable that he was buried along with it.
by SexManiacOnARoll August 31, 2004
The Master and Genius of Guitar, Played his songs with GOD LIKE EFFECTS
many 70s type music was inspired by jimihendrix even to this day. Its Possible that Led Zeppelin listened to jimi hendrix. The solo guitarist of metallica love jimi hendrix with a passion
by SexManiacOnARoll August 31, 2004
Listen to Cause we ended as lovers
by SexManiacOnARoll August 31, 2004
The Destroyers of the Worlds.
Bush lied to us, given the fact we lost the war, not by casulties, but by our mission objectives.
1. To miniumize citizen casulties
(weve killed hundreds of thousands of them)
2. To find Weapons of Mass Destruction
(weve found nothing)
3. To Stop Country's opression
(Terrorist are regaining power on our blind spot)
Bush equals to the likes of hitler.
Bush Said theres not going to be a draft. Lies. Were going to attack iran very soon.
Bush Wasted more than 150 billion dollars to fund this war.
With that money we couldve spent it on schools, Pay for hospital treatments, and save millions of lives.
What do we do? kill millions more.

Bush's attack list
by SexManiacOnARoll August 31, 2004
Pop Rock, But Beautiful lyrics.
Died at 1996 age 30..
cause of death: drowned at beach while swimming...current was too dangerous.
the late Jeff Buckley Is a pure reflection of his late father, tim buckley, who was also a guitar player.
Tim buckley: Died at 1970s, age 28
by SexManiacOnARoll August 31, 2004

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