Probably the most overrated band of all time. Kurt Cobain couldn't play guitar, nor could he sing, and could barely write.

His skill at guitar was so pathetic and limited that he was only able to play power chords and his guitar solos consisted of only two strings as a maximum. As a vocalist, he had a scratchy voice with a one-octave range. His vocal range was so horrible that he wasn't even able to hit the high notes when he covered the Meat Puppets' song "Lake of Fire". He often ripped off other bands (Killing Joke, The Breeders, The Pixies, Husker Du, Meat Puppets, Butthole Surfers etc.) and based his sound on their own. He even went as far as to steal a riff from Killing Joke's "Eighties"; changed it up a bit, and then used it for his own song "Come As You Are".

He was also an awful lyricist and most of his music consisted of simple wordplay that had no real meaning.

For example, let's take a look at a verse from "All Apologies":

"I wish I was like you. Easily amused. Find my nest of salt. Everything's my fault. I'll take all the blame. Aqua-seafoam shame."

And honestly, that has got to be some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard in my life.

Now let's take a look at "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

"With the lights out, it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us
A mulatto, an albino
A mosquito, my libido"

Do you see any meaning behind these lyrics? I certainly do not. Seems to me like Kurt didn't care for anything that he wrote.

Krist Novoselic - He played bass, just not well. Some talent here, but pretty much mediocre.

Dave Grohl - Probably the only truly talented member to ever be in the band; the only member who actually had his instrument mastered and the only member who has songwriting talent.

Oh, and before you click that little thumbs-down button, let it be known that I was formally a fan of Nirvana in the past. But now I've grown up and have a developed taste in music and it's hard not to pick up on how simple his music is.
Nirvana are the most overrated band of all time; and anyone who disagrees with this statement likely doesn't have a broad taste in music.
by A real music enthusiast­ June 11, 2009
A state of complete and total understanding. Used primarily in Buddhism. A person undergoes a series of reincarnations, gaining knowledge and learning lessons for each. With each reincarnation, one gains or loses an amount of karma, or magical force. Once one has received a specific amount of karma, he is able to break away from the cycle of reincarnations, and enter the state of being known as nirvana. Those who have reached such a state are considered buddhas, in honor of the religion's founder, Siddhartha, or the Buddha.
Nirvana, comming to a divine plane of existance near you!
by Jerry September 06, 2004
A skilless band headed by Kurt Cobain. Nirvana is the definition of "overrated". Kurt sucked at guitar, and his vocals, although easy to like, were crap.

The worse part is that there are teenyboppers that think Nirvana is so undergroud and cool, and advirtise that they love nirvana/kurt cobain everywhere they go.
Marc: Omg nirvana is so kvlt.

Matt: No, Nirvana sucks ass, Kurt Cobain cant play guitar worth shit.

Marc: But it doesnt matter, Nirvana is so und3rground. Im cool by liking them, unlike the idiots that like mainsteam pop punk.

Matt: Nirvana is about as mainsteam as porn pics of your mom. Your just as bad as the other teenyboppers that like Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, and Greenday.

Try listening to real music, such as Dream Theater, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Racer X, Old Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Dragonforce, Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne, Opeth, Pantera, Testament, Arch enemy, Black Label Society, Nile, SRV, etc.

Marc: Osht im pwnt.
by Matt Tsang August 29, 2005
A band that originated in the early 90's. Claimed to be overrated bt many but I think that it's the people who own simply 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and 'Nevermind' that make the band overrated. 75% of the Nirvana's so-called fans have never even heard of 'Outcesticide' (one 'fan' simply saying "Oh! You mean "Incesticide") or even sometimes 'Bleach.' It's these people that make this talented band overrated, as do the critics who base their opinions on 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' alone. Nirvana were a talented and amazing band and, wether love them or hate them, it's quite hard to deny that fact.
R.I.P. Nirvana
Grunge will live again....
by krazymotherfucker January 16, 2005
A state reached only by listening to the band Nirvana.
by foofighter95 May 18, 2013
3-member band from Seattle, and Grunge innovators. Probably the most influential band over the last 10 years. Nirvana was Kurt Cobain:Vocals/guitar, Dave Grohl:Drums and backing vocals, Krist Novoselic:Bass and backing vocals. Nirvana ended when Kurt allegedly commited suicide, although evidence suggests that Courtney Love (Kurt's wife) murdered him.
Nirvana: The defining Grunge band.
by Ben December 05, 2004
Good band of the early 90's that is often mistaken as the creator of grunge. There are 2 things wrong with that statement:
1. Mother Love Bone originated the sound, although nobody knows about them because after their first record the lead singer O.D.'d on heroin or something(Temple of the Dog is a tribute project for him with Chris Cornell and MLB's surviving members, with help from Eddie Vedder). IMO, they were also a better band.
2. Nirvana aren't pure grunge. Their first cd Bleach was probably the closest to grunge they got, the rest were more alt-rock'ish
So to say they're the best grunge band ever is a false statement as they aren't really all grunge. Although they were good at what they did, it mainly wasn't grunge. Just because a band comes from Seattle, doesn't mean they're grunge.(there are other good bands from the "grunge" era that just never hit it big that had talent as well but they were overshadowed by Nirvana and, later, Pearl Jam(who are more grunge than Nirvana))
R.I.P. Kurt Cobain

"It's better to burn out than to fade away"
by OpenYourEyes December 31, 2004
Ultimate proof that appealing to teen angst and how being a martyr gives you insanely overrated musical talent and massive staying power. Nirvana was simply a decent grunge band, just like Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, and no better, but because Kurt blew his head off now we have a group of massive posers that think by liking Nirvana that makes them connoisseurs of music.
Kurt Cobain himself said he didn't want Nirvana to become a band that every dipshit that thought that they liked "real" music enjoyed and had t-shirts and other shitty merchandise. His music actually criticized on SEVERAL occasions people like today that think too highly of Nirvana or take them too seriously. He sayed he wanted Nirvana to stay as a small, only at most a semi-popular band that only a few people true to the genre would actually enjoy. Now highschool punk fucks are raping the wishes of the very lead singer they tout so highly of.
by TheVoiceOfReason June 26, 2005

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