The GREATEST band ever !!! Now, although some people do not think Kurt Cobain was a good vocalist, he was. Who else can pull off screaming the way he did and make it sound so amazing ? Nirvana is usually classified as grunge although there are some assholes who say "Nirvana was mainstream so they're not grunge." Negative. They are. Cobain recognized that they had become mainstream and supposedly he hated that. If you listen to their songs in order of which they were recorded, you'll notice how they do become somewhat more "popish". But that's okay, all of Nirvana's song are unique and just fucking amazing.

Many people consider themselves fans of Nirvana just because it's cool but they can only name one song. Which would probably be "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Yeah, it was a good song but it's been overplayed so much on radio stations and such. So go and listen to these songs by Nirvana just because they're are the fucking greatest songs ever recorded:
(btw, I'm not listing the wicked popular songs because you should already know those)

- Love Buzz
- Negative Creep
- Rape Me
- Aneurysm
- Been a Son
- Lake of Fire cover
- Sliver
- Where Did You Sleep Last Night
- Breed
- Drain You
- Lounge Act
- Territorial Pissings
- Stay Away
- Oh the Guilt
- Sappy a.k.a. Verse Chorus Verse
- In His Room sometimes confused with Verse Chorus Verse
- Marijuana
some 14 year old little goth douchebag - "I love Nirvana because all the other goths do"

me - "Dude, goths are gay. You don't have to be a goth to listen to Nirvana. Go cut yourself and drown in your miseries but don't dance, kid, don't dance. Goths just can't dance. If there was a gothic bible, dancing would be a sin. Anyways, NIRVANA FUCKING ROCKS !!"
Band that brought rock back in the early 90's. First off people dont like Kurt Kobain because he is dead. He didnt like his popularity and hated his song "smells like teen spirit for the popularity it brought him" He didnt trick anyone to like him. In fact his most known album "Nevermind" was almost named "sheep" to make fun of people who ran to the stores to buy what the world told them was good. No you cant make better riffs and lyrics dude or you would be a famous dead guy. Sure the bland split of years ago but Jimmi hendrix and alice in chains are broke up to due to the death of there lead singers but this will not change the imprint they left on the music world.
Forver in debt to your priceless advice-Heartshaped box
by Ben October 14, 2003
A great grunge band, who, like it's name, is musical nirvana when listened to right. Featuring Kurt Cobain's raw emotional vocals, simple yet intricate guitar playing, Krist Noveselick's rumbling bass, and Dave Grohl's skin pounding drums, they created a template that was often imitated, but never duplicated.

However, Nirvana's music is often used very wrong. Long established as an essential and easy band for angsty whiny teenagers, Nirvana's music, however, can be bliss. Kurt Cobain didn't want his audience to wallow in their own sorrow. He wanted to use his music as a catharic experience, the type of experience that let's you defeat your own problems through music. Unlike angsty bands like LInkin Park and Slipknot, Cobain wanted to use his music the right way: an experience that makes you come out strong and wanting to confront life.

Do yourself a favor, use Cobain's music right and, just maybe, you will find your day looking much brighter and better.
Listen to Nirvana to reach Nirvana. Full fill Cobain's wish.
by Spielberg_Rocks November 09, 2010
The ultimate goal of the Bhuddist religion, in which one escapes eternal suffering by being reincarnated as Kurt Cobain.
Bhudda achieved Nirvana by losing all desire except to rock.
by ohgoddamnit July 07, 2009
Nirvana was a very popular band. They specialized in Grunge rock, with Kurt Cobain on vocals. Kurt Cobain formed the band when he was a teen, where he found himself sleeping under a bridge most of his nights. It was under that bridge the first Nirvana songs where born.
Nirvana wrote several popular songs. After Kurts suicide, the other band members formed "The Foo Fighters."
With the lights out
It's less dangeous
here we are now
entertain us

by Rev March 12, 2005
A highly overrated band, that became famous in 1991 with their highly overplayed song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit."
Nirvana is not as good as everyone thinks.
by MissBenjette July 15, 2004
Nirvana is to grunge as Bob Marley is to reggae
Nirvana was the greastest grunge band ever. greater than pearl jam and soundgarden will ever be if they were combined
by Just Shut Up March 07, 2009
Nirvana were a band that played alternative or "grunge" music in the early 1990s. An alright band, but highly overrated.
There's nothing that Nirvana did that bands like Sonic Youth and Pixies didn't do before them.
by hill16 April 17, 2008

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