The best fucking band ever. A grunge band from Aberdeen, Washington who completely saved rock as we know it. Whenever a band is put in a catagory of "post grunge", it means after Nirvana.

Most people know a couple key songs like "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Come As You Are", and (my favorite) "Lithium". They're the most kickass band ever, and if you say otherwise you're probably into rap, hip hop, pop, or some other piece of shit music.

R.I.P., Kurt Cobain.
Nirvana was a popular grunge band in the late 80's and early 90's. They made great music, and Cobain was killed not suicidal.

Don't do drugs, kiddies!
by nirvanajunkie May 13, 2006
the state of true peace that buddhist try to reatch with meditation...and one of the best bands i'v listened to
the monk told his studdents that with alot of meditation anyone can reatch nirvana
by jamie herring May 15, 2008
Now-defunct three-piece band formed sometime in the Eighties. Famous hits include 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and 'Come As You Are'.
by Tom September 13, 2003
Revolutionary rock band from the late 80's and early 90's. This band is the band that brought the subgenre "grunge" to the mainstream along with Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam. This band experimented with many genres such as: Hard rock, Punk rock, pop rock, and grunge. The trio consists of Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Kurt Cobain, Bassist Krist Novelelic, and drummer Dave Grohl. The band also toured with Pat Smear towards the end of the band. The band later disbanded after Kurt Cobain committed suicide. While Nirvana no longer produces music.. The legacy lives on.
Person 1: "What are you listening to??"
Person 2: "Nirvana"
Person 1: "Whats that?"
Person 2 "A kick ass grunge band from the 90s.
by _.negative.creep._ April 23, 2015
1. A band that hipsnter teens will name whenever they're trying to sound cool or edgy by making it seem like they have "good" taste.

2. To be honest they're actually a pretty decent band but they get a lot of hate because of people like example #1. Kurt could write catchy fun songs to sing along to but at the end of the day he is still pretty low on the list of "grunge" frontmen at the time whether you rank it by singing or guitar playing, but again, they're a decent band.

And stop quoting Smells Like Teen Spirit because you think it makes you look 3dgy, it doesn't.
"Hey man I really like Nirvana!"
"You know, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic!"
"....the guys who made Smells Like Teen Spirit..."
"Go fuck yourself."
by Chuck Boley August 22, 2013

Latin for "5 herbs and spices"
dude once i reach nirvana i'm gunna kill that kentucky fried bastard!
by Xaldin911 April 14, 2011
The most overrated band ever, a band that has only come up with only 1 or 2 decent songs.

Guy 2: (Takes a look at Guy 1's iPod) Then how come you only have 1 Nirvana song? (Smells Like Teen Spirit)

Guy 1: Um... because... uh... I like it a lot!

Guy 2: Yeah right, I'll listen to some AC/DC, you know, some REAL music!
by Rusty Shcakleford July 18, 2010
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