The male version of nipples
my nipplets are cold
by TG: 83 September 28, 2004
Top Definition
tiny nipples smaller than a dime in circumference, but longer than an index finger
ho! i got my nipplet caught in barb wire cause its so long like spaghetters
by bunky September 15, 2003
Small nipples that aren't worthy enough to be named as such.
Dude, your nipples are so small, I would call them nipplets!
by fetii January 06, 2008
What you call your nipples when they get hard and cold...
(I just got in the pool)
"wow, look at my nipplets"
by realangel September 09, 2008
A very tiny nipple, usually only men have these since they are so small.
Susan said to Karen, "Josh's nipplets poke through his shirt".
by bogeybill May 29, 2008
The very center point of a nipple. The most sensitive region, one that can cause utmost pleasure to a female.
I like to play with Kim's nipplets when I get the chance to.
by Matt August 16, 2003
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