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tiny nipples smaller than a dime in circumference, but longer than an index finger
ho! i got my nipplet caught in barb wire cause its so long like spaghetters
by bunky September 15, 2003
long floppy peepar that is covered in loose skin, much like a sock. usually black and smelly
thats weird sock dick! what are you knowing about that for! about two times?!
by bunky September 17, 2003
scraggly long smelly black penaceword
thomas' peepar was gnarled and smelled similar to a slaughterhouse
by bunky September 16, 2003
excretion of feces from a blacke's sebaceous balls on the back of his head
oh i dont want to lick those pus bumps! thats weirder than sockdiq
by bunky September 17, 2003
when you spread your legs over the toilut and pee while swinging your peepar in a circle like a helicopter
dont get anxious! the x pee!
by bunky September 17, 2003
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