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(verb) to pull or twist someone's nipple.
"Stop bothering me Derek, or else I'm going to nipple you!"
by wthchanel June 04, 2009
The worlds greatest friend to all. On everyone. Played with a lot. Sometimes abused. But nipples is the awesomest friend in the universe!
Omg! Nipples I love you lol
by Batmansweg June 08, 2014
when the aroela is quite large on the breast
fucking hell your nipples are like saucers im going too struggle to get them in my gob,but ill give it a good try, here hold my cock while i go for it.
by mick nicholson August 12, 2007
The thing that can hurt and help.ex.
HURT: 1)If you are and a girl and you get punched there it hurts like hell. 2) If your a girl and you dont like guys you still get to see guys stare at you there.3) If yours are small then guys probly wont date you.

HELP: 1)They can help you get guys if yours are big. if your a girl then thats the only way they help.
oh my nipple is so hard I could cut glass with this bitch
by Kassandra@KJ102.7 February 17, 2011
One of the two protruding areas around a pocket for a pool table, most prevalently observed amongst the center pockets.
I would have sank my shot but the ball rebounded off both the nipples and I was unable to sink the 8 ball and win the game.
by Keviticus July 07, 2011
An erogenous zone on a man's body for a woman to bite, squeeze and play with.
My boyfriend loves it when I pinch his nipples really hard.
by Katara January 22, 2007
In the plumbing field a nipple is a predetermined short length of pipe usually NPT(National Pipe Thread). A NPT threaded nipple can be made of almost any material and can be in sizes ranging from 1/16" to 24" NPS(Nominal Pipe Size). The plumbing nipple gets it's nickname because of it's similar function to that of a female nipple in humans and animals. It's usually a small protrusion which emanates fluid or gas.
"You want your nipple an 1 5/8" off of the finish wall in this situation."
by JoePlumber April 13, 2010