Colloquial term for those little peanut butter cookies with the Hershey's Kiss in the middle. 'cause they kind of look like nipples.
I sure could go for a tasty nipple or two right about now.

Hey bro, don't bogart those nipples.
by Gareth Infinity October 12, 2009
(verb) to pull or twist someone's nipple.
"Stop bothering me Derek, or else I'm going to nipple you!"
by wthchanel June 04, 2009
very delicious, rough, erect. suckable
Her nipples were so tasty, I got aroused!
by paul d z November 23, 2015
An erogenous zone on a man's body for a woman to bite, squeeze and play with.
My boyfriend loves it when I pinch his nipples really hard.
by Katara January 22, 2007
when the aroela is quite large on the breast
fucking hell your nipples are like saucers im going too struggle to get them in my gob,but ill give it a good try, here hold my cock while i go for it.
by mick nicholson August 12, 2007
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