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In BDSM, an orgasm that the sub is resisting, so that when he or she finally does cum it's a humiliation experience. Sometimes done in public at a party for extra humiliation.
Molly was doing a brat to get punished, so Jason finally just put his hand down her pants and made her have a forced cum in front of everyone.

He always wants a forced cum once he's tied up.
by passerthru September 30, 2005
as a verb: to grab and tug a nipple, especially through clothing, especially roughly; in bdsm, a common way to find out if the girl you're making out with is really a sub or just playing in the scene.
I was making out with Megan and I nippled her real good while we were kissing; she started humping my leg so I knew she was one of us.
by passerthru October 28, 2007
A pretty girl who through some mixture of cluelessness, being otnay ootay ightbray, naivete, or low self-esteem, really believes that it's a terrible thing for a guy to get aroused and not cum, and therefore can easily be pressured into doing something about it. Most guys won't clue them in for obvious reasons, and they tend to have few girlfriends to tell them because other girls won't hang out with someone that slutty. When some kind person finally does tell them, they're usually angry for a couple years!
Monique the Slut in the early years of SinFest was pretty much just a cum bunny.

Guy: Can I kiss you goodnight?
CB: Oh, sure.
Guy (after groping her during the kiss): Oh, god, that was so hot.
CB: Uh, yeah, I have to be at work early --
Guy: You can't leave me like this, not after that hot kiss you gave me and letting me touch you that way!
CB: Oh, well, look, can I just give you a hand job? I'll take my top off.

(Two minutes after he leaves ... guy on cell phone to friend): Dude, you weren't kidding! She tried to get rid of me with a hand job and I told her she was killing me so she sucked.

Cum Bunny (sobbing alone in room): I don't know what's wrong with me! I get guys all turned on all the time! Why can't I control myself!?
by passerthru October 28, 2007
An attractive young woman who is openly interested in hooking up, especially one who isn't looking for a commitment.
So I kissed her while we were dancing and she put her hand on my dick -- she's pure fuckbait.
by passerthru September 18, 2005
Usually said of a woman, rarely of a man. Dumber than a retarded brick, but either so hot or so good-natured that you don't want to mention her stupidity where she might hear it.
Carole is otnay ootay ightbray,of course, but dinner and dancing will get you the best night you've ever had.

When she gets going about "tha envyer-mint" you know you're in for half an hour of it, she's otnay ootay ightbray, but she'll do anything for a friend and she's the kindest person you'll ever meet.
by passerthru December 19, 2007
At some universities, the custom of some young women to sunbathe where the football team will run by them (like beside the path between the field and the fieldhouse). The perfect posin' for a hosin' outfit is a very small thong bikini that's at least partly transparent. Easy to spot as they're the only people you've ever seen sunbathing with their makeup and hair perfect.
Your luck gets a lot better at the postgame party if you've been posin' for a hosin' all week.
by passerthru February 19, 2008
Apartment or house inhabited by several young women who are into one-night hookups; usually there's a party there every night. Generally a place of intense drama. Sometimes the roommates are stripping or doing porn for money but usually it's just a few college age girls having a couple fun years.
"What do you want to do tonight?"

"Dunno, I'm broke."

"Want to go over to Allison and Megan's, chill, see if they have any beer and weed and maybe stay for some ass?"

"Woohoo! Friday night at the slut hut!"
by passerthru December 23, 2006

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