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the best show on T.V. about plastic surgery and the drama that goes along with the adult dating world
dude did you see nip tuck last night, that show is soo sweet
by soinlovewithashley September 21, 2004
A person who appears to have had plastic surgery.
It looks like Barbie has had a nip tuck and she looks good.
by california10 July 07, 2005
To go through with "plastic surgery" to enlarge ones breast Aka: get a "boob job"
That has to be a nip tuck, they were HUGE!
by Cayle Funck October 10, 2003
(Verb). The action of a show becoming waaaay too crazy for its own good. After a show niptucks it is no longer fit for consumption.
"The show 'Rescue Me' was pretty good in it's first season but then it niptucked in the second.
by BCFire22 November 12, 2009
You tuck splooge into your nips!!!!
John got a niptuck because his nips werent lucious enough.
by Haywood Jeblomi II November 17, 2003
A TV show that should've been about plastic surgeons but is more about sex and sexual lives of plastic surgeons. Also contains a lot of "immoral" scenes so don't watch it with family.
Girl1: Did you watch Nip Tuck last night, it was about gay sex.
Girl2: I couldn't, my mom was home. Dammit!
by 000lady gaga000 May 18, 2010
A very awsome show about plastic surgery where a phyco called the carver goes around killing people because he/she is ugly so he/she says Beauty is a curse on the world. nip tuck
Me: dude omfg did you see nip tuck last night it rocked.Kimber was all Christian i live you and he said Shut up dude!!

dude: ?? wtf iss nip tuck ...SUCK
by lincolnbob December 18, 2005
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