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Kind,funny,and very lovable!

trust me she is a great girl that could change your life

She is hottttt! and is a very caring person

Dude that girl is such a kimber!
by heyyiloveyou April 11, 2009
The world's largest manufacturer of 1911 pistols, as well as rifles, shotguns, and much more. Kimber makes some of the best guns on the market; they set the benchmark firearm quality and dependability. They are safe, powerful, accurate, and fast! Kimbers are extremely well-made and therefore a little on the expensive side.
Marines, Special Forces, and LAPD all use Kimbers.

There is no better pistol to have in you hand than a Kimber.
by OneBadAsp October 28, 2006
a girl who is all around perfect. very sexy and badass in bed. but like all women can be a little on the bitchy side but makes up for that with really good blowjobs and a tight pussy
omg!!! last night was awesome that girl was such a kimber.
by daddybashaw April 03, 2010
A sexy girl at work with an ass that you could set a cup on.
Kimber---although she may be a dirty hippie that doesn't shower. the ass that shakes like jello as she walks away makes up for it.
by Magikmarker February 08, 2011
A nice person who cares about everyone.a little bit of a head case some time. Mormon. Very smart at sports medicine
That girl is such a kimber.
by Swimmer man 11111 December 11, 2015
Kimbers try to take yo man! A Kimber wants everyones man and even women! Kimbers are freaky & dirty! Every time there's been a problem with a man, a Kimber is involved. They think they all that when all it is, if they go for a Kimber, they know she a freak in bed and does things even the freakiest won't do. Kimbers do it for anything Kimbers do it cause they don't want to be a Kimber. They tryin to be someone else. A Kimber is someone you can't make a housewife Like you can't make a hoe a housewife. Kimbers are freaks at gettin it on where ever! It don't matter to a kimber! A kimber is a nympho
You can't make Kimbers a housewife

Kimbers are always in a relationship, they just can't control being a nympho

You can always find a kimber shacked up at the showtell motel with someone elses man.

Oh no, say he got with another kimber? You gotta leave that dawg

Let me guess? You caught him with another Kimber

Everytime we turn around, those man got caught cheatin with another kimber!

He said he wants a kimber. Kimbers drop it all and they meet him wherever. Kimbers don't care where it happens or what happens. They freaks!
by missibb November 13, 2011
A girl who looks like a boy; a boy who looks like a girl.
A socially inept girl or boy who look like the opposite sex. Usually seen walking around in trailer parks and there's always one at homeschool functions.
Oh look! It's a kimber walking down the road that leads to the trailer park!
Kimber? Hey I know her/him/it. It's my homeschool debate class buddy.
by TyMy37 March 15, 2011
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