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To pwn in a stealthy manner, like a ninja.
Man, I can't wait to ninjatize some little noobs in Gears of War!
by Emac ORovey November 17, 2006
1. To make more ninjistic.
2. To completely own or ninjown.
3. To perform a ninja-like act.
1. "Dude how did you get into the movie without a ticket?" - "I ninjatized myself, man."
3. "This chick wouldn't shut the fuck up, so I ninjatized that bitch with the back of my hand."
gliding around in a peculiar fashion as if you are a ninja, and scare people for no particular reason. includes crouching tiger hidden dragon style, slo-mo matrix style. (all actions must be random and stupidly pointless yet extremely important.) (perhaps adding a little batman music in the background. dun na nun na nuna batman!)whatever floats your boat.
its time to ninjatize!(perhaps adding a little batman music in the back ground
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