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The worlds most ultimate hybrid: Pirates and Ninja.
An elite clan with only four remaining members. Often people do not recognize the consequences and misuse the term. They either die or will die soon.
They have a secret headquarters undeground and are training an invincible army.
They have the stealth of the ninja and courage of the pirate.
The Society is entitled ER NINJATE AND ASSOCIATES and is led by Ace and Fix.
Dont fuck with the Pirate. Dont fuck with the Ninja. Especially don't fuck with the Ninjate.
by R Ninjate: Ace October 26, 2006
9 3
The only being which can put an end to the extremely shit, unfunny and homicide-inducing 'debate' over who is better: Pirates or Ninjas.
Kid 1: "pir8s r betta dan ninjas"

Kid 2: "no wai! pir8s suk!"

Ninjate: "Noone cares, go home.
by gabe121212 February 01, 2008
4 1