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When pleasuring a woman in the doggy-style position, the 'crouching tiger hidden dragon' technique can be utilised. When an inevitable orgasm is forthcoming but not immediately imminent, the man displays the appropriate body-movements and auditory verbalizations to enact a false orgasm. (Note that the doggy-style position is necessary for the completion of this prank.) Before an actual orgasm takes place, during the 'cumming-facade,' the man orally ejects a salival specimen (ie: hocks a loogie) towards the small of the woman's back (ie: where you see the tramp-stamp) in order to convey the belief of seminal release (ie:cumming all over you). When the woman turns around in satisfaction, believing that the complicated act of coitus has come to completion, the man blows his reserved load into her face, taking her by surprise. "crouching tiger, hidden dragon."
crouching tiger hidden dragon
by AudioWeaponSystem December 17, 2010
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