No Income, Job nor Assets
Granting a mortgage to a NINJA is a predatory lending practice.
by webstyr January 05, 2008
They were masters of Ninjutsu(The Art Of Stealth) the martial art of the ninja NOT Kung Fu. For those who can't tell the difference between samurais and ninjas a Samurai is more like a soldier without guns but armed with Swords,Bows and arrows But Ninjas or Shinobi is more like a guerrilla squad using Swords, Shuriken, Smoke Bombs, etc. Everything that people believe in like how ninjas can do anything like run on water, make some hand seal and turn in to smoke and how people think ninjas are demons that kill people for no reason were wrong. The science of ninjas were higher and that's why they thought Ninjas were Magicians but they were only illusionist who fooled the eyes of the ignorant. Even the military uses the ninjas tactics and weapons like smoke grenades originally came from smoke bomb. Samurai described ninjas from there experience from battles then later people made up stories like how a ninja summoned a Giant Frog to Defeat it. Later on Masashi Kishimoto created Naruto the anime cartoon episodes as seen in cartoon network based on Japanese folk stories. Ninjutsu contained Pressure points, Samurai Sword Techniques, Chinese Philosophies,Meditation,etc.
The code of the ninja(Ninpo) which was was against the code of the samurai (Bushido). The art of the Samurai was death. But the art of the ninja was to survive, get the job done and escape. This gave ninjas greater advantage. They also borrowed stealth tactics from Sun Tzu the Chinese general.
-Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.

-For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.

-Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack.

these were all ninja tactics
by @@@@@@@ October 10, 2011
A word similar to nigga but for Asians.
Azn1: What's good Ninja?
Azn2: Nothing much my ninja.


Black guy: What's good my Asian nigga?
Azn: Burning trees ninja.
by Deflecto December 29, 2010
1) Ninja (vt) To kick ass, synonems : own, kick ass, pwn, frindle. (past = ninjaed
2) Ninja (adj) awsome, badass, etc., only more so
3) Ninja (n) a) One who is ninja

b) one who ninjas people

c) An ancient Japanese assasin
Related - Pirate - one who is awseome, but not as awesome as a ninja.

- Pirate - One who is not at all awesome
1) Dude, I totally ninjaed him.

2) That dude is so ninja.

3) a) I am a ninja!

b) That ninja ninjatically ninjaed that pirate!

c) The ninja, objecting to being used as a verb, assasinated the users of this website.
by Draxis December 06, 2010
A super awesome thing, object or action. First began to be used by Naomi in Australia after playing a reflex game.
You just got the high score in tetris! Oh My Gosh! Thats Totally Ninja!!
by Gigglz September 08, 2009
v: to steal sneakily
n: an extraordinary force at something (usually athletic)
n2: an ancient Japanese spec-op
adj: to be as cool as a ninja
adv: to do something in a way that a ninja would do it
v: Yesterday I totally ninja'd this book from you, here you go.

n: Yeah, Richie's a ninja at dodgeball, he once vaulted Tommy to dodge an attack.

n2: Ninjas are cooler than pirates.

adj: OMG! This movie is freaking ninja! (Yes, I'm talking about Donnie Darko)

adv: Check this out! I can ninja laugh! *does not laugh*
by MG1992 September 01, 2009
vb. To steal something out a window or whilst spinning.

Not to be confused with plain theft, to ninja something you must take it and throw it out a window or jump out the window with it, OR you must spin past it and pick it up mid-spin so as to make the action invisible to the human eye.
He totally ninja'd that chair out the back window.
by death on yee. February 28, 2009
a rhyming derivative of Ginger... ie a Redheaded person.
"watch out here comes a Ginger Ninja" or "Nobody likes Ninjas"
by zkpilot March 09, 2008
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