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Scam, sale of black market merchandise; to run a racket
We're getting broke, maybe we should run a racket out of our apartment again.
by boy howdy July 17, 2004
1. noise

2. a deception, a scam

3. a job
Cut that racket out. I'm trying to sleep.
by Light Joker March 18, 2005
loud noise,commotion....
will you poeple stop all that racket.
by cindy March 02, 2005
A word used to describe someone who is being loud or obnoxious. Can be used in whatever way sounds suitable.
Bob: Ayo, man! Why you bein' he*la racket?

Tom: Naaw, dawg! You's a racket!

Bob: YOU racket!!! You's racketer den SHI*!!!

Joe: Both of y'alls shut yo rackety a*ses up!
by Forthesfcats November 07, 2010
something just garbage, boo-boo, bootsey
that bitch is racket as fuck
by sweet punany November 05, 2003
1.) a diss directed toward someone whose behavior/comment/dress is inappropriate or embarrassing

2.) a friendly diss toward a someone letting them know that their behavior/comment/dress is on the border of becoming or is ever so slightly inappropriate or embarrassing

3.) related words: rackety

4.) antonyms: rad, chill, fashionable
1.) Oh no. Please don't invite Nicole to the bar. She always gets so drunk and acts a racket!

2.) Your new American Apparel gold lame hot pants are cute, but you kind look a racket right now.

3.) Wow. Those tapered jeans look a little bit rackety, but you work them.
by he-lady August 01, 2008