No Income, Job nor Assets
Granting a mortgage to a NINJA is a predatory lending practice.
by webstyr January 05, 2008
std such as aids/hiv or other terminal situation
hey, i heard your girl got that ninja!
by 19DJF74 May 12, 2008
The nice way to say nigger!
that bitch is such a ninja, or my teacher is a fat ninja!
by nwyrkmets8 January 15, 2008
Someone is a ninja if their dick is licenced as a lethal weapon.
Bob: "Dude! That guy just killed 9 people with his dick!"

Jim: "Yup, hes a ninja."
by The samm April 27, 2007
1.Derived from the Japanese words for person (nin) and temple(ja) respectively, "ninja" as a noun refers to the sweetest being in the universe. Purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people, but his time is equally spent mackin' on hot babes and wailing on guitars.

2.Ryu Hayabusa

a:The quality of being pumped-up or bearing resemblance to the actions of a ninja.

v:To perform ninja-like actions, such as cutting the head off of three guys at once.

Exclamation: Shout of surprise used when either
1: about to be assasinated by a ninja,
2: performing a ninja action
n1:Ninjas are totally sweet.

n2:Ninja Gaiden, I love that game! Oh, ninja...

a:Did you see that guy uppercut the kid through the window? That was ninja!

v:Oh man, Dante ninjaed those demons with that guitar!

by therone March 29, 2005
Used when wanting to say niger. Ninja is used when wanting to replace the word niger in a sentence. Commonly used in a joking matter and not serios.
You see that ninja walk by?
by Yaseen.R June 12, 2008
Meant to be used as an acronym - as in 'n'o 'i'ncome, 'n'o 'j'ob or 'a'ssets. Basically, a person who is a deadbeat, loser, dreg of society, waste of skin, useless, etc...
My older brother Derek follows the path of the ninja -- he's unemployed, smokes pot all day, and still lives at home with my parents.
by drunkenpetes October 25, 2007
Another way of adding prestige to someone's skills. Used to convey respect. Used in conjunction with the name of the person's skill.
Guy1: That Satch concert last night rocked man!
Guy2: Ya, dood's a guitar ninja.
by King Mango September 25, 2006

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