A pimply depressed maniac with a personallity opposite that of a "Lawstud".
He isn't just an introverted geek with no life, he's a NIHIL!
by SlasH February 24, 2003
Top Definition
(1)A Latin word which means "nothing" or "nothingness"; hence nihilists, who do not believe in anything and deny existence.

(2) A KMFDM album.
(1) Nihilism can be philosophical.

(2) Nihil was released in 1995.
by ShoopKiller September 25, 2004
One of KMFDM's most well-known albums, with hits such as 'Juke Joint Jezebel', 'Brute', and 'Ultra'.
Hey, wanna listen to 'Nihil'?

Of course. KMFDM is the best.
by Mister E. February 14, 2004
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