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The German-English translation means "hail victory". The Nazi meaning is "we will win" or "we salute the highest".
"Sieg heil mein fuhrer", said the Nazi to Hitler.
by ShoopKiller September 01, 2004
A sexpot is an attractive young woman who is available for a sexual relationship. A sexpot is usually horny, promiscuous, and men probably think they will have a chance with her.
My new roommate Amber is a total sexpot.
by ShoopKiller August 25, 2004
29A is the equivalent of 666 in the hexadecimal number system.

Digital Weight Value
2 = 02 16^2=256 02*256=512
9 = 09 16^1=16 09*16=144
A = 10 16^0=1 10*1=10
29A = 666
Many people like to put 29A on their screennames to subliminally say 666.
by ShoopKiller September 10, 2004
(1)A Latin word which means "nothing" or "nothingness"; hence nihilists, who do not believe in anything and deny existence.

(2) A KMFDM album.
(1) Nihilism can be philosophical.

(2) Nihil was released in 1995.
by ShoopKiller September 25, 2004
Nober is a self-invented word used to describe a penis when it is not erect. Nober derives from "no boner" or boner with the B and N switched.
My nober is three inches but my boner is seven.
by ShoopKiller August 29, 2004
Said unenthusiastically by a guy about a girl he finds particularly attractive.
-Vanessa's got pretty nice ass huh?
-Uhhh, not really...
-I'd hit it.
by ShoopKiller February 09, 2005

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