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typically 11 pm- 7 am or 12 midnight 'til 8. The infidelity shift. The time when most MILFs get a different bed companion.
Her old man worked night shift so I used to slip into her bed at 1 am and leave by 4 am.
by Jake March 05, 2004
A hooker hookin. Typically a prostitute that hides her whoremones from the general public until the Night Shift (a.k.a, work hours)
Aye, I be clockin' dat pimpin ho working' da Night Shift over by dat Indian casino
by Hamburglurer August 09, 2015
The nice potentially beautiful girl who takes care of her craz drunk friend.
I wouldn't recommend going for the spazzard drunk girl, but the night shift, well, shes kinda hot.
by eschh June 01, 2011
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