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The uploading of random pictures to your social networking site. Can be abbreviated to rondos.
Ya, I think you gotta put those rajon randos up.
by eschh January 11, 2011
When you smoke pot on a day that is a milestone in your life such as a 20th birthday.
(While High) Dude, your 20 on Dec. 10 in the year 2010..milestoneddd
by eschh December 10, 2010
the pre jerk sesh before you hang with a girl
Yo, Rossua, you gonna get that prenutial in before you see her?
by eschh December 10, 2010
an expression that asks for any expression or transaction to be appropiately proffesional
Sorry bud, i cant keep that on my wall. keep it pro
by eschh January 21, 2011
To have cigcess is to succesfully quit smoking cigerettes.
I was cigcessful for the 6 months.
by eschh January 02, 2011
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