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term used by ghetto blacks and wiggers thats meant to be "non derogatory" and is meant to seem more like calling a person their bud... and yet every other red neck almost never pronounces their "R" at the end of a word so when they talk... they say nigguh
I was down at the gas station and some nigguh stole ma truck
by David Mock May 24, 2005
a black man that can where his pants to his knees and still run.
man i cant believe we couldn't catch that nigguh
by TFROST February 11, 2009
1. non-derogatory term used to identify a not-necessarily black brotha' from anotha' mutha'
2. used to express comraderie
C'mon nigguh, let's go blow up some dry ice bombs.
by deplemisher April 24, 2003
1.The fastest runner in the world.

2.Has tattoos of the Hawiian Punchy.
3.Loves his car more than anything.
4.Black as hell.
Kyle Mahoney is a huge nigguh.
by x3yblehs December 13, 2010
Mexican/white chunty girl say nigga like it's all good. Really it's not. and you dont know shit
mexican/chunty : "my nigguh ,what up nigguh"
(talking to someone on facebook )

blk/chick : "Bitch who you calling a nigguh lil white as chunty !"

you ain't blk so shut the fuck up"
by frankbitch October 10, 2011
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