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Full of african-americans
i'm not going to your neighborhood, it's totally nigged out.
by oi January 03, 2005
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a car or peice of property that has African-American qualities. Originated from the word nigger.
Man d'em wheels be nigged out, mothafucka!
by Robert Legindras March 10, 2005
To take a cheep POS car tent the windows black as sin and add rims, a loud radio, seat covers and a gold plated hood decorations to it. ect It will will smell like weed and menthol cigs when the window rolls down.
dang that 1992 hyundi thumping over in the corner of the parking lot sho is nigged out.
by tater2000 February 17, 2008
to get left out of a good situation, lied to or stolen from.
"dude, i got nigged out of my money buying a 'state of the art' lawn mower from downtown - when i tried to use it the shit went balls insane and ran over my dog."
by niggalobotomy April 11, 2009
to be lazy, not wanting to work, a case of black ass mainly from getting to stoney
Yo Doug get off your ass and stop being so nigged out son!

Damn we shouldnt have smoked that fat joint before work im feeling nigged the fuck out.
by A.L.G November 12, 2011
To be stuck inside a very small dog house.
Man, i got Nigged Out last night...
by Mevan July 13, 2006

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