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Full of african-americans
i'm not going to your neighborhood, it's totally nigged out.
by oi January 03, 2005
Above all fuck
I uberfucked J.p when i was 3
by Oi June 09, 2003
1band that is mainly preffered by people who
A. hate their parents
B. Think it is "not mainstream" and therefore cool.

2. Some rabid, mask wearing people from iowa who were given guitars by some strange error in life.
slipknot is only good when your mad, otherwise it just makes you mad
by oi July 24, 2003
infy pwnz
by oi April 11, 2003
A n00b to haxor and gamer terms such as own and pwn etc..
Spy66:what does n00b mean!!?
by Oi December 04, 2003

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