3 definitions by niggalobotomy

to get left out of a good situation, lied to or stolen from.
"dude, i got nigged out of my money buying a 'state of the art' lawn mower from downtown - when i tried to use it the shit went balls insane and ran over my dog."
by niggalobotomy April 11, 2009
means fuck bitches get money by definition, but in reality its mostly used as a good telltale sign that the person who wrote it is a giant douchebag.
facebook: "tyreeque just updated his facebook status, saying 'tyreeque johnson FBGM"

you: "wow, what a notorious douchebag"
by niggalobotomy March 27, 2009
take sniffs is used in a similar fashion as 'lick my nuts' - except instead of suggesting the licking of nuts, take sniffs refers to the sniffing of nuts. its said either as a response to something, or at the end of a sentence to add effect.

"dude - i just had a yums ass pizza all to myself - take sniffs"


guy A: "dude...your an a**hole"

guy B: "oh yeah? well you have no friends and masturbate to pokemon puzzle league porno silver edition in your free time so take sniffs"


"take a sniff'a deez nuts bitch, im home - now make me a sandwich"
by niggalobotomy March 27, 2009

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