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A shortening of the word beezy (or beezie).

Sometimes also used as a term of endearment.
"What. A. Beez."

"Keri, you're such a beez!"

"Only a beez would do that!"

"Come here, beez :)"
by bgjooon March 20, 2010
Short for beezy, another word for bitch. A derogative term used for females who get around too much.
What you want, beez, i'm in the middle of an orgy so call me back later.
by GMoney333 July 17, 2008
as a noun: a painfully, unfunny individual completely lacking in humor and self awareness

as a verb: to beez--to bring a complete lack of sense of humor to a situation
Damn, that comedienne is a beez.

You sure beezed up that joke.
by Davisian June 22, 2007
Beez is a word used like the word am or are, to mean somebody is something.
- What beez you doing?
- I beez talking to you duh!
by Mez Foz October 07, 2006
A can (usually 500 ml) of Stella Artois Lager.
"Jess can I have another Beez"

Person 1 - "Lets meet up tomorrow and play pool"

Person 2 - "Yer and we can get another beeeeeeez"

"Morning, I'm nackered! Gats can you pass me that can opener so I can open another beeeeez"

"I am gonna shot gun this beeeeez, Wu do you have a key?"
by Gzyermate0rat3 June 11, 2008
Beez as in total ownage.
Beez your total ownage! you 20x6'd me dude!.
by Beez April 18, 2004
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